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“I would like to thank all the editors that worked closely with me during the spring 2010 semester. Sibia Proofreading editors are second to none. Thanks.”
Lyn C, PA  29-Jun-2010

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Dissertation Editing

Online Proofreading Services

  • Are you a PhD or master's student who needs your dissertation to be flawless?
  • Need editing or proofreading so your thesis is grammatically correct and without distracting errors?
  • Perhaps English is not your first language but your dissertation needs to sound like it is?
  • Need an expert to ensure your APA, MLA or other citation style is error-free on every page?

Professional Editing for Your Dissertation

Sibia Proofreading's editors can start work immediately to make sure your professor or advisor is very satisfied with your dissertation. As the most important document you've probably ever written, it makes sense to have a professional editor and dissertation specialist thoroughly review, edit, proofread and correct the errors in your dissertation. Our experienced editors have collectively edited hundreds of dissertations on a wide variety of topics. Request a quote or contact us today with your questions!

We Guarantee Perfect Results

We literally guarantee that your dissertation will be flawless after we review it. Our money-back guarantee commits us to providing 100% perfect editing and proofreading and that we'll work to resolve any and all issues or return your money.

Reasonable Pricing - Discounted for Students

Not only is our editing world-class—we provide much more than a grammar check and English editing—our pricing is quite affordable too.  If your dissertation is over 75 pages, simply fill out our quote form and we'll respond to you within hours with detailed pricing information.

Editing and Proofreading or Just Proofreading

If you only need Proofreading—and not both Editing and Proofreading—we have the appropriate service level to match your needs. We are experts at reviewing APA and MLA citation styles, amongst others, and we will check and perfect your references and citations.  If your department has a specific style guide, simply send it to us and we'll ensure your dissertation complies with it. In addition, we have editors based in the UK and in the US and so we have the expertise to edit in American or British English. You can even choose to have a team of two editors review your dissertation with our Double Editor option for optimal editing and proofreading results.

Fast Editing and Quick Turnaround When You Need It

Not only will we provide you the highest quality review, but we also take pride in delivering fast editing and proof-reading to our customers when they need quick results. See Sibia Proofreading's Delivery Options. With editors located around the world, we can get started immediately, 24/7, with our editorial services and comprehensive review of your dissertation.

Try a Free Sample Edit

Let one of our online editors prove to you up-front how good we are with a free sample edit. We'll review a portion of your dissertation and demonstrate how we catch grammatical errors, untangle awkward phrases and improve its readability where appropriate--all without changing the meaning of your dissertation.

Contact Us and We'll Provide a Quote Quickly

Request a detailed quote or contact us now and tell us what you need! We truly guarantee you'll be fully satisfied with our editing and proofreading help and reasonable prices.

“I am working on my dissertation for my doctorate and was in desparate need of an editor for my chapter 1. I submitted my paper for a two editor review. To have the perspectives of both editors was priceless. They reviewed my first chapter of my dissertation and sent it to me within a couple of days. Words can not express how pleased I am with the feedback. I have saved at least a couple of months with their review and editing which allows me to move forward with chapter two. I can say with my remaining four chapters that I will be back. Thank you Jane and Erick, and thank you Sibia Proofreading!”
Jessica Yassen,  Doctoral Student