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“My first experience with Sibia was great: a couple of hours later I got the revisited text back. The essence of what I want to say is still there, but transformed into perfect English.”
Irene Loebell  15-Feb-2012

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Paper Review - Online Proofreading

Academic Editing and Proofreading

Online Proofreading Services

  • Looking for world-class paper editing and English editing from a professional editing service?
  • Need superb online proofreading to ensure correct grammar and a flawless APA, MLA, Harvard or other citation style?
  • Looking for scientific editing, technical editing or a journal editor to make sure your article or scientific paper is ready for publication?

Paper Editing Experts

Experience essay review and manuscript editing at the highest level of excellence with Sibia Proofreading's editing services. We provide much more than a mere grammar check, punctuation help, or help with English because our online editing will ensure your writing is flawless and your citation style is perfect. Our professional editors are experts at providing APA help and are unbeatable with MLA, AMA, Harvard, Turabian, Chicago and other styles. We can prepare your paper or article for publication.

Editing and Proofreading or Just Proofreading

We have two Service Levels for you to choose from: (i) Editing and Proofreading Service; or (ii) Proofreading Service. We recommend choosing Editing and Proofreading when you want assistance with the readability of your paper, including college essay help or ESL grammar help. In addition, with Editing and Proofreading, you are provided with one week of email access to your editor or proofreader to ask questions while you're revising your paper. If you're writing an important journal article, our service levels are the same and a Sibia Proofreading science editor or technical editor can provide you the comprehensive proofreading and edit services you need.

Reasonable Pricing and Fast Turnaround Times

Both our Editing and Proofreading Pricing and Proofreading Pricing are very reasonable because we want to encourage you to come back as a return customer. We love repeat business, and for longer documents over 100 pages, we will quote you an extremely competitive price with at least a 20% discount. Contact Us.

Our turnaround times are quite speedy, especially if you're in a hurry. We offer two Editing and Proofreading Delivery Options that allow your paper to be reviewed and returned within 24 hours or days. Of course, longer documents take more time to edit and proofread, but you can get us working on it instantaneously.

Try a Free Sample Edit

Let our online editors show you how good they are.  Request a free sample edit, upload your entire document or part of it and we will thoroughly edit and proofread a portion of it. We'll recommend important grammatical and editorial changes that will substantially improve your paper.

We Guarantee Perfect Results

Remember we fully guarantee you will be very pleased with our writing editing and paper review services! If there are any issues with our work we will correct it immediately or give you your money back!

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Contact us and let us answer your questions! With editors available 24/7, you can submit your document NOW and we'll help you immediately!