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“Excellent peace of mind. Thorough and clean. This was a major academic project for me, and I was pleased with the professional service. I would recommend Sibia Proofreading to any student needing to have good flow and every comma in place. Thank you.”
Stephanie, PhD Student  22-Jan-2010

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Book Editing - Proofreading

eBook Editing

Online eBook Editing Services

Of recent, eBooks have become extraordinarily popular, sold by major publishing houses and such sites as Amazon.com. Many authors are choosing to self-publish their eBooks on their Web sites as well. If you are such an author who needs a reliable eBook editor, check out Sibia Proofreading’s eBook editing services now.

Two Service Levels of eBook Editing

What does an eBook author need? A rapid and reliable eBook editing service that is specifically tailored to your needs. Under the eBook Editing & Proofreading option, your eBook editor will not only review your manuscript for grammatical and spelling errors. You will also receive insightful advice about the content, organization, and flow of your eBook.

However, you may simply be looking for a final polish of the last draft of your eBook. If that’s the case, you can select Sibia’s eBook Proofreading option instead. Your Sibia eBook editor will carefully proofread your document and correct all grammatical, spelling, punctuation and mechanical errors in the text.

Flexible Delivery Options for eBook Editing

After choosing the right eBook editing service, you decide whether you need the Standard or Accelerated Delivery option. The latter is great if you are working under a looming deadline and need expedited delivery of your redline manuscript. Of course, the speed with which your eBook editor returns your reviewed document does not change the quality of Sibia’s eBook editing and proofreading services.

Guaranteed Satisfaction with Sibia’s eBook Editing

Sibia Proofreading offers you a team of talented and experienced editors. Thus, our eBook editing services are top-notch, and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the quality of your eBook editor’s work. If you have any questions or concerns about Sibia’s eBook editing, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.

Submit Your eBook for Immediate Editing

Once you’ve finished all of your revisions of your eBook, send it to Sibia for our eBook editing service immediately. Your eBook editor will begin reviewing your document, so you can work on having it published online.