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“I appreciate Dona's proofreading of my article and I strongly recommend her.”
Student  19-Jul-2014

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Professional Online Book Editing Services

Finding an experienced, knowledgeable editor who understands your subject matter and writing style can be extremely challenging. As an author seeking to publish your work, you must of course be choosy about your book editor and select the best online book editing service. A valuable online book editing service ensures the following:

  • Your manuscript is completely devoid of any grammatical, spelling, mechanical and punctuation errors. Even an inconsequential error can make your manuscript seem unprofessional and unworthy of further review by a busy publishing agent.
  • Even after your book editor reviews your manuscript, your authentic voice and writing style are preserved. Working with an inexperienced editor who does not understand your authorial intent is frustrating, time-consuming and costly.
  • Suggested book editing changes do not alter the meaning of the text or your original intent. You don’t want to spend the time re-reviewing your edited manuscript to correct an editor’s outlandish alterations.
  • As a pair of fresh eyes for your manuscript, your book editor makes useful comments and suggestions about content—more specifically, pacing, organization, character development, plot, etc. Gain invaluable reader perspective before you release your book to critics, potential agents, and broader audiences.
  • By selecting Sibia Proofreading’s book editing services, you receive all of the above guarantees and more! For a week after your Sibia book editor returns your redlined manuscript, you can communicate freely with him or her via email to ask follow-up questions and to seek clarification on any of the suggestions and changes made.

    Online Book Editing and Proofreading

    Perhaps you have painstakingly pored over every page, every paragraph of your work; solicited advice and basic proofreading from colleagues, friends, and mentors; and prepared your work for submission to potential publishers. If that is the case, you may feel that Sibia’s book editor need only provide you with our Proofreading service, in order to catch errors in your manuscript’s text, formatting, etc. However, if you’re seeking more comprehensive online book editing services, then Sibia’s Book Editing & Proofreading option is ideal for you. In addition to reviewing your manuscript carefully so it is flawless, your Sibia book editor will also provide helpful and constructive feedback about the substantive aspects of your work. An experienced book editor’s advice about plotline, structure, character development, pacing, and organization can infinitely improve your work, so you increase your chances of success with publishing agents.

    Online Book Editing with Two Delivery Options

    If you’re like many other authors, you may constantly feel the pressure of impending deadlines, whether self-imposed or set by your agent. Sibia Proofreading’s book editing services are offered at two delivery options: Standard and Accelerated. Should you be continually revising your latest draft and racing against a hard deadline, simply select the Accelerated Delivery option. Your book editor will return your redline manuscript version back to you in a timely fashion, guaranteed.

    Guaranteed Book Editing Excellence

    The Sibia Proofreading team is keenly aware that the editor-author relationship must be open and transparent, so that you—the author—feel comfortable and confident that your manuscript retains its integrity after book editing. If you have questions about our online book editing services, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately. We guarantee your satisfaction with the professional work of your Sibia book editor.

    Send In Your Manuscript for Online Book Editing

    Ready to release your work to the constructively critical eyes of an experienced book editor? If so, submit your manuscript to Sibia Proofreading today. Our online book editing services will help you hone your final draft in preparation for submission to publishing agents.

    “Erick and his team accepted a pretty tough assignment — to proof check a 35,000 word manuscript in just a few days so it could go into production. Not only did Sibia Proofreading do a great job, they actually delivered early, and on budget to boot. I will be certain to continue working with Sibia Proofreading and will also recommend them to my peers. ”
    Jay Miller  CEO, 1508 Inc