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“I was very impressed by the services provided by Sibia. In fact, I plan on referring my fellow colleagues to the site if they need any documents edited/ proofread in the future.”
Amber M  26-Aug-2010

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Book Editing - Proofreading

Nonfiction Book Editing

Nonfiction Book Editing Services

Effective nonfiction book editing requires subject expertise, experience, and professionalism. After all, your nonfiction manuscript could be a useful travel guide, a cookbook, an academic text, or a commentary on world politics. Regardless, Sibia Proofreading provides unparalleled nonfiction book editing services so you can successfully publish a flawless and engaging work of nonfiction.

Knowledgeable Nonfiction Book Editing

You have the flexibility to choose between two levels of nonfiction book editing. If you are in the final stages of rewriting, revising, and reviewing, then the Proofreading Only service may be ideal for you. Your Sibia nonfiction book editor corrects all grammatical, spelling, mechanical and punctuation errors found in your manuscript.

For an even more comprehensive review, the nonfiction book Editing & Proofreading service may be more appropriate. In addition to what you receive with Proofreading, your nonfiction book editor provides valuable feedback about substantive aspects of your manuscript, including organization, flow, and structure.

Prompt and Punctual Nonfiction Book Editing Services

As a nonfiction author, whether full-time or part-time, you are doubtless busy continually revising your work, getting in touch with prospective agents, and so on. If you’re considering self-publishing and need to stick to a strict personal timeline, select between the Standard or Accelerated Delivery options. Although you can receive your manuscript back rapidly, rest assured that your Sibia nonfiction book editor will not sacrifice quality and thoroughness for speed.

Satisfaction with Our Nonfiction Book Editing Guaranteed

Sibia Proofreading’s team of editors are experts in a variety of subject matters, and they have proficiently reviewed countless manuscripts and possess a wealth of nonfiction book editing experience. Thus, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our nonfiction book editing services. The redline manuscript you receive will be devoid of all errors and thus help you prepare for submission to publishers and agents alike. Contact us if you have any questions, big or small, about Sibia’s nonfiction book editing.

Submit Your Nonfiction Book Manuscript Now

After honing your manuscript to the best of your ability, enlist Sibia Proofreading for our expert nonfiction book editing services. Beginning now just means you’ll move to the next exciting stage—publishing your manuscript—even sooner!