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“First I'd like to say how refreshing it is to have a copy editor that is punctual. I won't go into detail on how many times I've been put off by editors that take on more than they can handle, but Dona delivered on time and that scores a high mark in my book. Secondly, I am pleased with the thorough process of not only editing for grammar and punctuation, but for content and clarity. It took me a few years to write this novel and there were some redundant elements that Dona pointed out that greatly helped the flow of this story. I have already recommended this company to other writers and will continue to do so. Great job!”
Richard Ashland,  www.richardashland.com 29-Nov-2010

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Book Editing - Proofreading

Novel Editing

Novel Editing Services

Completing a full-length novel is quite an achievement, and we congratulate you for finishing yours! The next step is to get professional online novel editing services, so you can perfect your final manuscript and prepare to submit it for publication.

Select the Right Novel Editing Service

Are you looking for a novel editor who can pore over your manuscript, making sure it is devoid of grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors? Then, you can feel confident that you are submitting to publishers and agents a flawless and engaging novel that will garner their attention and support. In that case, the Proofreading Only service may be right for you.

Alternatively, the Novel Editing & Proofreading service would be more appropriate if you want more detailed feedback from your novel editor. More specifically, you receive what you would under the Proofreading service, in addition to useful feedback about your novel’s structure, plot and character development, pacing, etc.

Receive Your Manuscript from Your Novel Editor Promptly

Once you select your novel editing service level above, you can also choose between either the Standard or Accelerated Delivery option. If you need your redline manuscript returned to you quickly, the Accelerated option is helpful, but of course, the quality of novel editing you receive with both is equal.

Your Satisfaction with Sibia Is Guaranteed

With Sibia Proofreading, you will be able to work with a knowledgeable and highly experienced novel editor. We are extremely confident about the quality of our novel editing services; please contact Sibia Proofreading with any questions about our work. We guarantee your satisfaction with your personal online novel editor, and if you have questions for him or her after the return of your document, you can contact your editor via email for a week thereafter.

Send Your Novel to Sibia Today

As soon as you are ready, submit your document to Sibia Proofreading for our excellent novel editing services. Then sit back, await the redline manuscript that will be returned to you promptly, and plan for the next step in the publication process.