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“Thank you so much for your work. This is great – exactly what I was looking for. Also, I appreciate the prompt and courteous service – it's not easy to find competent professionals with great service. I'm sure that I'll be requesting more service as my firm takes off”
Jennifer H  Accounting Firm 02-Oct-2008

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Web Site Copy Proofreading

We at Sibia Proofreading understand the importance of flawless Web site copy. A misplaced comma or a sentence fragment demonstrates sloppy work and carelessness, which reflect badly upon your company and your service. Avoid these crucial mistakes by submitting your Web site copy to Sibia Proofreading, and our editors will review your copywriting to make it perfect.

Sibia Proofreading's Web site copy proofreading service perfects your copy writing and strengthens your company’s Web site and reputation.

Prompt Web Site Copy Proofreading

As you simultaneously launch your Web site and manage your company, you no doubt have many issues to juggle, and you probably want your copywriting ready to be published as soon as possible. With Sibia Proofreading, you can expect our editors to complete your Web site copy review and return the proofread and corrected version to you in a timely fashion.

Professional Proofreading for Business-style Copy Writing

Sibia Proofreading editors understand that Web site copy requires a more business-like tone and style, which are distinct from academic or novel styles of writing. Our editors do not simply proofread your copy blindly, but instead consider the nature of your industry, the style of your Web site, and the types of visitors you seek to attract. By comprehensively considering your Web site copy, Sibia Proofreading editors provide the best proofreading services available, tailored to suit your specific needs.

More than a Grammar Check

In addition to placing those periods in the correct place and checking for parallel structure, Sibia Proofreading's Web site copy proofreading service maintains consistency throughout your writing. Perhaps your lists of services are punctuated by unintentionally different bullets, or you fluctuate between referring to “e-mails” and “emails.” A Sibia Proofreading editor will carefully review your Web site copy to eliminate any such inconsistencies, so that your Web site visitors receive the clear message of who you are and what you offer.

By submitting your Web site copy to Sibia Proofreading, you can see firsthand how our thorough and comprehensive proofreading service makes your copy writing flawless and enhances your Web site!