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“I have tried this service before and it is amazing. Not only editors (especially Dona are great in what they do, but also they are reliable and very thorough. I recommend this service to everyone who wants a peace of mind.”
Samer Khalil  30-Aug-2010

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English Editing

ESL Editing:

Writing in correct English and adhering to the language’s many complex grammar rules can be difficult, even for native speakers. At Sibia Proofreading, we are experienced editors and grammar experts. In addition to having collectively proofread and edited thousands of manuscripts, journal articles, dissertations, and essays, Sibia Proofreading editors are also experienced academic and/or professional writers.

Enlist Sibia Proofreading’s professional services today, so that your writing can be thoroughly reviewed to receive the highest quality English editing!

Subject-Verb Agreement

As your writing style becomes more developed and you start using longer and more complicated sentences, you may lose track of the sentence’s subject and fail to conjugate its matching verb correctly. This is one of the most common mistakes in English writing, and Sibia Proofreading editors are extremely attentive to this issue in each sentence of your document.

Proper Sentence Structure and Word Order

Particularly in early drafts, some sentences may become rather convoluted and seemingly stream-of-consciousness, as the author chases his or her thought without reviewing the sentence grammatically. In addition, non-native English speakers might be accustomed to different rules of sentence word order from their native languages, and oftentimes, these rules cannot be translated word-for-word into English without committing grammatical errors. Sibia Proofreading editors are adept at recognizing your meaning, despite confusing sentence structure or incorrect word order, and can edit your document to ensure it conforms to standard English rules.

Varied Use of Transition Words

In order to help your document flow more smoothly, editors at Sibia Proofreading insert suggested transition words as they complete manuscript or essay reviews. This also prevents your writing style from being too mundane, with too many sentences in a row in the square form of: “Subject verb….” The appropriate use of such transition words as “however” or “in addition” or “alternatively” will lend your essay a more polished tone.

Alternate Word Choice

Many writers, particularly in longer documents, rely on the exact same verb, phrase, or adjective to discuss their topics. As they review your document, Sibia Proofreading editors are hypersensitive to words which are overused and repetitive. We suggest alternate word choices to you so that your readers perceive your writing to be fresh and interesting, with an extensive vocabulary.

Above are just a few of the issues Sibia Proofreading editors keep in mind as they edit and proofread your document. Of course, we also edit your writing to ensure that you use appropriate punctuation and, when relevant, that your document is correctly formatted and in accordance with the citation style of your choice.

To receive professional English editing of the highest quality, please submit your document to Sibia Proofreading today! We guarantee that your work will be returned to you in flawless, sophisticated English.