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Jennifer H  Accounting Firm 02-Oct-2008

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Academic Journal Article Editing Services

Peer-reviewed journals employ a scrupulous submission process for academic journal articles. The individuals who review your journal article submission are experts in your field. In addition to innovative content that contributes to existing literature, these reviewers seek flawless manuscripts that are correctly formatted according to the journals’ standards.

If you are a student, PhD candidate, post-doc or professor writing academic articles with the aim of having them published in well-reputed journals, Sibia Proofreading can assist you with the competitive submission process. Academic journal articles are reviewed by a panel of expert readers before publication. To increase the changes that your academic journal article is selected, enlist Sibia’s professional journal article editing services now.

Academic Journal Article Editing by Subject Experts

Sibia Proofreading’s Journal Article Editing & Proofreading service enables you to meet the high standards of your target academic journal. Your journal article editor reviews your manuscript thoroughly, so it is free of any errors. This comprehensive journal article editing service also gives you useful feedback about your draft’s organization, structure, and flow.

If you don’t need that journal article editing service level, your editor can provide Proofreading Only instead. Your subject expert will carefully proofread your journal article and correct all grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors.

In addition to the above two levels of journal article editing services, Sibia Proofreading also offers journal article formatting assistance. If your journal article has already been reviewed, you can select Sibia’s journal article formatting service independently. Otherwise, you can add our formatting service to whichever editing and proofreading option you choose.

Journal Article Editing That Is Prompt and Reliable

Depending on your deadline requirements, you can choose between the Standard or Accelerated Delivery options. Especially when you are working with numerous other authors, putting together your final manuscript in a timely fashion can be difficult. Sibia Proofreading’s accommodating delivery choices help you to receive the journal article editing service you need within your desired timeframe.

Sibia Guarantees Your Satisfaction with Our Journal Article Editing

The Sibia Team consists of a number of expert, highly qualified editors in a number of subjects. We guarantee your satisfaction with our professional academic journal article editing. Of course, you are welcome to contact us at any time with any questions or concerns you have about our journal article editing services.

Send Us Your Academic Journal Article Now

Once you’ve confirmed the final draft with your co-authors (if applicable), submit your academic manuscript for Sibia’s journal article editing services!