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“Excellent & Prompt feedback, very detailed editing! Thank-you”
Farhat R,  PhD Student 10-Nov-2009

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Medical Editing and Proofreading Services

As a current medical student, resident, or doctor, you may find yourself writing research papers, even if you do not intend to focus on academia in your medical career. Your research paper may require specialized medical editing and proofreading by an expert. Learn more about Sibia Proofreading’s professional medical editing services below to get started with your personal medical editor.

Professional and Reliable Medical Editing Services

To ensure the integrity of your medical research manuscript, be sure to use a professional, high-quality medical editing service. Sibia’s medical editing and proofreading services are offered at two levels, so you can choose precisely what you need.

With our Medical Editing & Proofreading service, your personal medical editor will thoroughly review your manuscript to rectify all errors in the text. Moreover, this medical editing service level offers detailed feedback about the structure, flow, and content of your research paper.

However, you may only require Sibia’s equally thorough Medical Proofreading Only option. With this service, you receive a redlined manuscript from your medical editor that corrects all mechanical, grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors.

Medical Editing Services Delivered Promptly

Physicians (and doctors-to-be) are known for working extraordinarily tight schedules, with complicated call schedules, study requirements, and other obligations that keep you from your sleep! Sibia Proofreading gives you the flexibility of choosing between our Standard and Accelerated Delivery options. Even if you’re working under an imminent deadline, simply pass on your final draft to us for medical editing, and you can have your manuscript back in as soon as 24 hours.

Sibia Guarantees Your Medical Editing Satisfaction

Just as you are focused on the quality of care you deliver to your patients, Sibia Proofreading is concerned with the quality of medical editing we deliver to you. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your medical editor’s work on your manuscript. As always, you are encouraged to contact us before and after working with your personal online editor, if you have questions about Sibia’s medical proofreading and editing.

Send Your Medical Paper to Sibia Now

Make sure you get your much-needed sleep by leaving the medical proofreading and editing to us. Submit your document right away for Sibia’s medical editing services with your personal online editor.