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Happy New Year!

Dona Le - Friday, January 01, 2010

We at Sibia Proofreading hope that you’ve enjoyed a very peaceful and happy holiday season. We would like to sincerely thank past customers for selecting our services, and we hope to continue our relationship with you in the coming year. Sibia Proofreading also looks forward to working with new customers who may find our extensive editing and proofreading services helpful.

To usher in the new year, we’re providing three essential tips that are applicable to students, authors of fiction, business writers––everybody!

Your readers are smarter than you think.

Though it may be irresistible to highlight certain points you deem to be important, refrain from repeating yourself. Belaboring the point may actually annoy your reader or cause the reader to lose interest entirely.

Excessively sophisticated vocabulary is not always best.

To be sure, you want to demonstrate that you have a strong command of a wide range of vocabulary. However, you should not blindly resort to your thesaurus. You should only incorporate words that you fully understand and use appropriately.

Quality is more significant than quantity.

Though you may believe that your readers will find a lengthier document more impressive, this is not necessarily true. Readers value quantity over quality. A long, rambling and incoherent document will not score you any points. Instead, pack your document with punch; write concisely and meaningfully.

Best wishes to you in the new year!  Submit any assignments or documents you write this year to Sibia Proofreading, so that our excellent editors can perfect them!


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