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Why Writing Skills Are Important

Dona Le - Friday, February 05, 2010

Today, most applications you will ever submit, whether for an academic program or employment position, require that you submit writing samples. For example, applicants to graduate school programs must submit academic writing samples. Certain job applications also ask that you provide a sample of your writing, whether academic or professional.

What is the significance of the writing sample? What are potential employers or admissions officers seeking?

Writing skills are vital to nearly any endeavor you undertake because communication is key.

As a student, you must be able to articulate your opinions clearly and concisely in academic essays and theses. The language you use must be of the appropriate level, and you should employ sufficiently sophisticated vocabulary correctly and with dexterity. Your writing skills must be of the highest quality, so that whoever grading your paper can focus on the content of your text, instead of marking off points for grammatical errors, etc.

As an employee, communication skills are also crucial because you must interact on a daily basis with fellow colleagues and superiors, as well as with representatives of external firms. Often, the methods of communication used include email, letters, memos, and reports, all of which require top-notch writing skills. Employers select applicants who will best represent their companies through flawless communication methods.

We hope that the Sibia Proofreading blog provides you with useful tips to improve your writing. You can also have your writing samples thoroughly edited and proofread, prior to submission for that all-important application, by one of our expert editors!


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