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“I would like to thank Dona Le for her outstanding work, did on my 93,000 word thesis manuscript. The amount of time I saved using this excellent service was well it worth the cost. I was surprised at what you guys picked up! Thanks again, Dona and Erick. It is a pleasure working with you because you two are very kind people, who superbly and personally cater to customers’ needs. I highly recommend Sibia Proofreading for editing/proofreading scholarly work.”
Chaminda J, Sri Lanka  06-Dec-2009

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Fast Editing & Proofreading

Many writers, in both professional and academic industries, find themselves constantly pressed for time and battling strict deadlines. Thus, having a highly experienced third party edit and proofread your work is an invaluable resource. In addition to offering professional editing and proofreading services, Sibia Proofreading editors return your document to you in a timely fashion. You can count on Sibia Proofreading to provide you a quick turnaround time on your manuscript review without sacrificing the superb quality of our editing and proofreading!

Furthermore, Sibia Proofreading’s editing and proofreading services are offered with a selection of service levels and delivery times. You can tailor Sibia Proofreading’s services to fit your needs and your schedule.

Editing and Proofreading Service

For a complete and thorough paper review, you can select our comprehensive editing and proofreading service for your document. A Sibia Proofreading editor (or two, should you select the Double Editor option) will proofread your document for any grammatical, typographical or spelling errors, in addition to editing your document to improve its readability, style, and structure. Furthermore, your Sibia Proofreading editor will be more than happy to correspond with you by email to answer any questions you may have about his or her suggested changes and comments.

Proofreading Service

If you feel that your essay or document does not need extensive editing, Sibia Proofreading offers an excellent proofreading service. Our editors will return your document to you quickly with perfect grammar and error-free writing!

Delivery Options

You can choose to have your work edited and/or proofread at two levels of delivery speeds: standard and accelerated. You can find more information on these turnaround times and costs here.

No matter which delivery speed you select, you can rest assured that Sibia Proofreading guarantees a flawless proofreading and editing service. Our editors have years of experience in dissertation editing, academic writing, and manuscript review, and any other type of editing and proofreading you require.

Sibia Proofreading is available at your convenience, 24/7, day and night! You might have finished your final paper at 6 a.m. after pulling an all-nighter, or perhaps you’re gunning for the 6 p.m. end-of-the-workday deadline. Whatever the situation, Sibia Proofreading will meet your needs and provide you with efficient and excellent editing and proofreading services. We guarantee that our editors will return your document to you by the requested deadline.

See for yourself how thorough, knowledgeable and efficient Sibia Proofreading editors really are! Submit your document to Sibia Proofreading today, with your choices of delivery speed and service level, and we guarantee that you will be more than satisfied with our unparalleled editing and proofreading services.