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“Great job in editing and very helpful suggestions in highlighting my ideas.”
Florian Dashi,  Albania 02-Mar-2015

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As long as your entire document is over 2500 words long, submit the file to Sibia Proofreading for a free sample edit!

We want to show you exactly how we can improve your essay, thesis, journal article, dissertation, or book manuscript. We will make important recommended changes to a portion of the first page of your document to enhance style and readability. We will also identify and correct any errors in grammar, spelling, word choice or mechanics. Note: the security and confidentiality of your document are assured with Sibia Proofreading. Try us out and let us prove to you how qualified and professional our editors are!

We will return your document to you containing our sample edit with recommendations and changes as soon as possible. Please note that we receive a high volume of sample edit requests, and your patience is appreciated.

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