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“The service was inexpensive, prompt, professional and immensely helpful. I will be submitting many more documents to this service in the future and would recommend it to anyone!!! Thanks David!”
Amber M, College Instructor  29-Aug-2010

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Proofreading Editing

How Sibia Proofreading Helps You With Editing and Proofreading


service levels

1st Step: Click on the "Submit a Document" button and decide whether you'd like help with (i) Editing AND Proofreading or (ii) just Proofreading. If you'd like an especially thorough review, choose to have a team of two professional editors review your document with our Double Editor option. Discounts are available for all documents over 10 pages. Learn more about our editing services for Academic Editing, Book Editing, Business Editing, ESL Editing, and our Personal Editing Service.

document review delivery options

2nd Step: Select your preferred Delivery Option for when we will finish the proofreading, online editing, grammar checking and punctuation help for your document (Accelerated—within 24 hours, or Standard—within three days), select the number of pages, and proceed to checkout.  Note that long documents take longer to review—see exact editing proofreading turnaround times.

payment with credit card or PayPal

3rd Step: Complete your professional editing order by paying by credit card or Paypal and create an account to upload your document.  Note: contact us if you're a business and would like us to invoice you. Also, if your document is over 100 pages, contact us for a custom quote and we'll provide at least a 30% discount!


Turbo Review editors

4th Step: One or two experienced, highly qualified Sibia Proofreading online editors will immediately receive your document and get to work reviewing it based upon the Edit Services Level you have chosen.

download your reviewed document

5th Step: Having conducted in-depth writing editing, such as dissertation editing or manuscript review or other essential writer services, your document will be returned via our secure, encrypted delivery portal—or to your email in-box if you've chosen that option—within the period of time you selected. Your document will contain comprehensive feedback detailed in redlined text and in your editor(s) comments—see samples of our work. We proudly guarantee that you will be satisfied with our proofreading and editing service; we will quickly address any concerns, otherwise we'll refund 100% of your money!


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