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“Wow, an excellent job. The editor knew more about my essay topic than I did. It was like my prof carefully edited my essay. A+

Kaveh R  Toronto 26-Nov-2008

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“Another great job. Thanks again, you're really helping me a lot.”
Jason C.  Univ of Missouri student 31-Aug-2008
“Wow! You guys are amazing... I'm becoming a better writer too. Thanks for your help and I will be back.”
Wang D.  31-Aug-2008
“Thank you so much! I was impressed by your careful observation and helpful comments. As this is such an important paper for me, it was really great that I could receive your help. I really appreciate it.”
Laura T.  31-Aug-2008
“Dona, Thank you so much for your assistance with my M.A. thesis. Your proofreading and editing greatly helped the readability of my work. I appreciate your strong attention to detail, especially with regard to following Chicago style. I have already recommended you to several of my colleagues and would confidently recommend you to anyone needing assistance polishing their work. Thanks! Aaron”
Aaron   22-Aug-2012
“This is the second time Dona has edited an essay for me and she is wonderful. I am completely satisfied with the editing, proofreading, and suggestions. Thanks again for all of your help!”
Aaron  09-Apr-2013
“This is my third time using Sibia for an academic essay. Their proofreading and editing services are stellar. This time, Joanna corrected numerous grammatical issues and provided excellent comments on conceptual ideas as well. Sibia is always fast and reliable. I continue to be a happy customer!”
Aaron  02-Jan-2017
“Thank you very much for your help and comments to my document. It looks very nice after your proofreading and I'm very happy with it.”
Abdelrahman Elhag,   Muscat, Oman 06-Jul-2015
“Provided wonderful feedback. David was very quick to respond to my questions. Great editor, thank you again!”
Adrian  13-Feb-2015
“As always, the result is great. Their work is very good, cheap and fast.”
Adrien  23-Oct-2013
“I just uploaded my second business document here for proofreading and editing. I am sure I am going to keep using your service. Excellent work and I am very pleased so far so please keep up the good work. Many thanks.”
Agnes M  12-Feb-2010
“I have been using Sibia for a few years now with assistance on editing and proofreading of work-related documents and patents. I am very impressed with the final results. Thank you for your fast and reliable service!”
Ahmed S.  06-Jun-2018
“Easy to use, quick response, excellent job. I am impressed. Thank you, David!”
Alberto Lenz  12-Sep-2011
“I am very pleased with Eric's precise work. My paper is much easier to read now. To my experience, Sibia proofreading service is the best of its kind: quick, professional, and for reasonable price. Highly recommended!”
Alex Rosenblatt,  PhD Student 27-Apr-2011
“Many thanks for the work of excellent quality!”
Alexander Rosenblatt,  PhD Student 08-Jun-2009
“AMAZING GREAT SERVICE. Fast, accurate, and very professional. Recommended as essential to all graduate students.”
Ali,  New York University 10-Oct-2009
“Marc edited the second portion of my paper that I submitted to Sibia. He did an outstanding job. I am extremely grateful! As a graduate student submitting a thesis that will be published forever on our university website, I want the document to be proofread. Amazing! Thank you. 24 hour turnaround time happened in less than 9 hours. So happy it was quick.”
Ally  01-Mar-2014
“Joanna did an outstanding job! I was afraid these services would not provide the quality for the price of the editing- but it was outstanding. I am extremely grateful and decided to submit the next 26 pages of my paper for editing. This service is really worth it for academic papers that will remain archived forever on your university page- It is worth it to pay for the proofreading service. As a student on a budget, I debated back and forth, but am extremely grateful that I made the decision to do the proofreading service.”
Ally  01-Mar-2014
“Good, timely and reliable service.”
Amarender Reddy  16-May-2011
“I was very impressed by the services provided by Sibia. In fact, I plan on referring my fellow colleagues to the site if they need any documents edited/ proofread in the future.”
Amber M  26-Aug-2010
“The service was inexpensive, prompt, professional and immensely helpful. I will be submitting many more documents to this service in the future and would recommend it to anyone!!! Thanks David!”
Amber M, College Instructor  29-Aug-2010
“Quick turnaround on my essays and really helpful afterwards. Will definitely use the service again. With the proofread and editing, my essays shine in a new light; big thanks to Joanna. You don't get such great quality for such a price elsewhere!”
Amir  17-Sep-2012
“Thank you very much for the fast, professional and helpful service and assistance.”
Angela Wegscheider,  Johannes Kepler University Linz (Austria, Europe) 02-May-2018
“Sibia Proofreading really helped me. They succeeded to find the editor that I needed. Special thanks for David for his personal treatment and advice.”
Anna Loffe, Graduate Student  14-Jun-2010
“I have tried other proofreading companies. Sibia is my favourite one. I really appreciate the professional services of Sibia Proofreading. It is efficient, fast and value for money. Finally, I would like to say "thank you" to Eric and Marc. Thank you for your kind and professional proofreading.”
Annabelle Yu,  Student 28-Sep-2010
“I appreciate Dona's proofreading of my article and I strongly recommend her.”
Student  19-Jul-2014
“I really enjoyed how the editing turned out, and I'm sure it fitted my skills perfectly to cause success.”
Bahman Amidi  13-Oct-2012
“Very pleased--definitely would use Sibia Proofreading again.”
Brice G,  PhD Student 06-Mar-2009
“The final document received from your proofreading was just great and greater than the cost of service. I appreciate the fact that the core of my message in the document has remained intact after your suggestions and changes. I have saved your address for future references. Thanks.”
Bruno Ondo  31-Aug-2011
“I would like to thank Dona Le for her outstanding work, did on my 93,000 word thesis manuscript. The amount of time I saved using this excellent service was well it worth the cost. I was surprised at what you guys picked up! Thanks again, Dona and Erick. It is a pleasure working with you because you two are very kind people, who superbly and personally cater to customers’ needs. I highly recommend Sibia Proofreading for editing/proofreading scholarly work.”
Chaminda J, Sri Lanka  06-Dec-2009
“Delivery time was perfect. Plenty of good suggestions. Good to have a secondary perspective on sentence structure. Will be using in the future.”
Chris B,  UK 01-May-2009
“Really appreciate your excellent work! I can clearly see how seriously the editor treated my writing, which is the point using the service. I tried several proofreading services before, and yours is definitely the best one!”
Chunyuan Liao,  PhD Student, California 26-Apr-2009
“Proofreading and editing is very perfect. Thanks so much.”
Ciğdem Kılıç  08-Feb-2013
“I have never been very good at writing papers and I am even worse at proofreading. I love the fact that I have a second set of eyes to look over my writing. I will be returning again! Thank you very much! ”
Colette Arganbright  06-Sep-2010
“Sibia Proofreading was such a huge help for my college essay. They have the best advice and services. I couldn't ask for anything better!”
Courtney L,  College Applicant 21-Oct-2009
“Thanks to David, my application essay improved a lot from the rough draft. There isn't a radical change, but my phrases seem a lot more thorough and clear in message. And his overall advise was pretty helpful in understanding why and how it improved that way.”
Dae Hyun Song,  College Applicant 23-Oct-2009
“Really good and professional work.”
Damian  16-Jul-2013
“Thanks for your great review and valuable suggestions once again.”
Damian Ruiz  06-Oct-2014
“Thanks one more time. As always, it was great work, a very precise and fast service.”
Damian Ruiz  23-Apr-2014
“Fantastic and useful feedback on the APA References—I will definitely use Sibia again. You saved me hours of work, which allowed me to concentrate on revising my research instead of concentrating on APA references. Thank you!”
Dana,  University of Kentucky 26-Oct-2017
“Sibia delivered exactly what I wanted in an editing service! Indeed, they exceeded expectations. Both thorough and punctual, I will use them again with future publications.”
Daniel  26-Oct-2012
“I was in a tight spot needing help fast. This was reflected in the quality of my paper; a lot of work was needed. In half the time promised I had a thoroughly reviewed document which was ready for submission.”
Daniel Haugstvedt,   NTNU 16-Jan-2014
“Well done. You did make a professional work-out. Thank you. I'll come back to sibiaproofreading.com in my future projects.”
Dave  09-Feb-2013
“Excellent service. Timely and very good suggestions.”
David D, Graduate Student  19-Dec-2009
“The document was sent back in a very short time and the changes suggested were really useful for expressing my ideas in a better way.”
Diego  20-Mar-2015
“Sibia Proofreading and Marc Fox always provide fast, efficient, and professional services. So glad I found you!”
Donald Reed,  West Virginia 12-Apr-2016
“Efficient, punctual, thorough work!”
Elena,  PhD Student, Italy 31-Aug-2009
“Great job catching small errors.”
Elizabeth  16-Dec-2010
“Excellent. Detailed. Appreciate look at tables.”
Emanuel Gaziano,  United States 24-Jun-2014
“Great correction. Joanna was not just formally correcting given sentences; she was actively thinking about the expressiveness of the sentences and has proposed partly new sentences. I think it cannot be topped what she did.”
Dr. Engin Bilman, Elitelife Europe  Elitelife Europe 06-Aug-2012
“Great correction of my translation.”
Engin Bilman  06-Dec-2011
“I really like Marc's edits. His edits are much higher than my expectations. His suggestions and word choices polish my ideas so well. I am very happy to work with you.”
Erdenebyamba Erdenebileg  16-Jan-2014
“Excellent & Prompt feedback, very detailed editing! Thank-you”
Farhat R,  PhD Student 10-Nov-2009
“I would like to thank Marc for his outstanding editing and proof reading. I am pleased with the final product. I have previously used another website for editorial purposes and was not pleased with the responses. However, after switching over to Sibia Proofreading, I have received exceptional feedback. Thank you very much!”
Fatima F, College Student  06-Dec-2009
“Excellent editing! I am extremely satisfied with the feedback. Thank you once again Dona Le.”
Fatima F, College Student  17-Dec-2009
“Great job in editing and very helpful suggestions in highlighting my ideas.”
Florian Dashi,  Albania 02-Mar-2015
“Great job! Quicker than promised and a very detailed review! Thanks!”
Florian H, Germany  07-Dec-2009
“Quick turnaround, timely delevery, professional and friendly, thanks a lot.”
Fready  22-Apr-2013
“Excellent job!!!”
Gary  12-Nov-2012
“It was fast, editing was what I expected: review of English without affecting the content, made reading my paper much easier. I'm not native English speaker and this is what I was looking for.”
Giacomo Pasini,  Professor University of Padova 20-Feb-2009
“This is an amazing service! The APA editors my school provided were too busy for new projects. I looked online and decided to give Sibia Proofreading a try. I was apprehensive at first, but the price was reasonable. I'm so happy I did and I'm so pleased with the service. The document I received back, from Turbo editor Joanna Wilson, was meticulous and better than I expected. Thank you!”
Ginny, Palo Alto, CA  16-Jun-2010
“[Sibia Proofreading is] proficient, accurate, and timely.”
Guiseppe Marcon,  Ca' Foscari University of Venice 20-Apr-2015
“This is the first time using Sibia Proofreading. The value of what I received exceeded what I paid, and that's always a good thing. And more important, it got me off center and moving towards a more proactive job search. Thank you.”
Glenn C, Job Applicant  30-Dec-2009
“I was very pleased with Sibia Proofreading!”
Hamdi Ogut,  PhD Student 23-Mar-2009
“Thank you so much, and I am looking forward to do business with you again, especially that I am in my first year doing my Phd.”
Haneen S,  Graduate Student 06-Jan-2009
“I am greatly satisfied with the exquisite quality of proofreading and editing that I got for the last three years that I was employing your services. The quality of work done exceeds my expectations every time. ”
Haneen  23-Nov-2010
“I pick Sibia Proofreading as the sole "winner" in the editing industry. Your site has superb design, is easy to navigate, and is distinguished by outstanding editing service. There is no doubt in my mind I will continue to utilize your service. Also, I must praise Keith in his work. He is professional and I candidly appreciate him. I'm glad I found your site, SP. Thank you.”
Herman Wong,  Author & Student 01-Jun-2009
“SP editors are professionals and talented people. Their editors are dynamic and aware of what I desire in my writing, and I appreciate them for their efforts--a job well done. I recommend them to the WWW and people who need their help to polish their written art. Thank you.”
Herman Wong  Author & Student 27-Jun-2009
“I choose SIBIA PROOFREADING to be my long term editor. They certainly are doing a fantastic job. I recommend them to every one who needs help. I believe you won't regret it but be amazed. I use them so I encourage you do, too.”
Herman Wong,  Author 31-Mar-2009
“I recommend Sibia Proofreading to the whole wide world. Their services and prices are right on. It is very reasonably priced. Their works are excellent, extraordinary and profound. I like it, so should you. Thank you.”
Herman Wong,  Author 05-Jan-2009
“The price is reasonable, the editing skills are professional and tailored to the need of customer, and the time frame is guaranteed as stated. This is a creditable editing service. Thanks, Sibia and Marc, who competently edited my dissertation.”
Hung,  Student at the University of Minnesota 03-Jul-2013
“Thank you for editing my document. Your work was great and very helpful. Your comments helped to improve the quality of the paper that I already sent to the journal for publication.”
Idrissa Ouedraogo, PhD,  Universite de Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso 04-May-2009
“Our European company is expanding business to the North America market. The quality of communication is our highest priority. SIBIA PROOFREADING helped us to make all our content simple and clear. Their service is our first choice.”
Igor Kokcharov  STS, Switzerland 04-Mar-2010
“This is the fourth time Joanna Wilson has edited my research article. I'm very impressed and satisfied with her work. Thank you so much. As a non-native speaker, I am now able to write faster and more confidently and focus more on substantive matter than on grammar knowing that she is out there to fine-tune my drafts.”
Ilhong Yun,  Chosun University, South Korea 20-Sep-2013
“My first experience with Sibia was great: a couple of hours later I got the revisited text back. The essence of what I want to say is still there, but transformed into perfect English.”
Irene Loebell  15-Feb-2012
“I loved how Maureen made the document flow better. She was also helpful correcting a number of common errors I need to watch out for. I would not only use Sibia Proofreading again, I will recommend them to my friends and co-workers.
Jacquie, Author  06-Dec-2008
“I like the quick and personal service. I appreciate how the editor emailed me with several important questions that were needed for him to get it right. And the essay is perfect. Everything I wanted to say and flows like I want it. Great customer service and I'll use you again for sure. Thank you.”
James F  14-Aug-2010
“I can’t recommend Dona Le and Sibia Proofreading highly enough. I had come to Sibia Proofreading after a very bad experience with a different editing service and was delighted after receiving my manuscript back from Dona Le. Thank you so much for your prompt and professional service. Dona Le really listened to everything I wanted. She was meticulous when editing my manuscript. Dona Le is obviously a very talented editor. I was also impressed with the friendliness, coordination and price. I will only trust Sibia Proofreading with any future work. I’m so glad to have finally found such a highly professional editorial service.”
Jamie Shaffer,  Author 13-Aug-2009
“Really good and fast. Thanks to Joanna! :)”
Jane,  Student in Ukraine 01-Sep-2014
“Erick and his team accepted a pretty tough assignment — to proof check a 35,000 word manuscript in just a few days so it could go into production. Not only did Sibia Proofreading do a great job, they actually delivered early, and on budget to boot. I will be certain to continue working with Sibia Proofreading and will also recommend them to my peers. ”
Jay Miller  CEO, 1508 Inc 16-Oct-2008
“Good explanations, pertinent changes; my editor really tried to understand the purpose and the content.”
Jean-Baptiste  17-Oct-2014
“Very, very helpful feedback. I'll be using this service again. Thank you!”
Jennifer  13-Nov-2014
“The work was completed promptly and well. My editor had an eye for detail and really improved the paper. I would definitely use this service again.”
Jessica  01-Nov-2015
“I am working on my dissertation for my doctorate and was in desperate need of an editor for my chapter 1. I submitted my paper for a two editor review. To have the perspectives of both editors was priceless. They reviewed my first chapter of my dissertation and sent it to me within a couple of days. Words can not express how pleased I am with the feedback. I have saved at least a couple of months with their review and editing which allows me to move forward with chapter two. I can say with my remaining four chapters that I will be back. Thank you Jane and Erick, and thank you Sibia Proofreading!”
Jessica Yassen,  Doctoral Student 15-Feb-2009
“You have done a magnificent job which has exceeded our expectations. Your review was thorough and structured. Thank you very much!”
Jochen R,  Germany 23-Sep-2009
“I am very happy with the review. For me, as a non-native English speaker, it improved the quality of my thesis significantly.”
Joerg,   Student 30-Sep-2013
“Thanks for the great work. The review was very precise and with great hints to improve the overall quality of my dissertation.”
Johannes,  JKU Linz 29-Oct-2017
“Great service and timeliness. Quality of work is great .... I tried other sites that show up first on Google that simply don't deliver and yet take the money.”
Jonathan Tam  29-Nov-2011
“Quick turnaround. Helpful editing with focus on sentence structure on my sample edit. Recommended for this kind of work.”
Dr. Jose Cedillos,  Author 02-Feb-2009
“Extremely thorough, well-executed and timely. The suggestions were obviously from a professional and seasoned editor. Money well spent.”
Kathleen C,  Author & Journalist 15-Jul-2009
“This is an excellent and very professional service. The editing and proofreading they did for me is of the highest caliber.”
Kathleen C,  Journalist 10-Jun-2009
“I chose the standard delivery option and for my paper to be reviewed by two editors. The standard delivery option provides for a 72-hour turnaround time and, despite having submitted my request at 9PM on a Wednesday, I received my meticulously and thoroughly edited paper back at around 6AM that Saturday. Thanks so much for your help!”
Katlyne  25-Nov-2014
“Wow, an excellent job. The editor knew more about my essay topic than I did. It was like my prof carefully edited my essay. A+

Kaveh R  Toronto 26-Nov-2008
“Thank you for your fast and professional service. I was very impressed with the final results. I was even more impressed with the customer service. I made a mistake in my submission, but instead of delaying the final results, they overlooked my error, edited my document anyway, and explained to me what to do next time. Thank you!”
Kevin K  16-Oct-2009
“Excellent. I was able to work with your comments and implement the changes that were given to me. I appreciate the most timely response and I WILL be using your services again; both work and school projects. ”
Kim G  25-Nov-2008
“I would like to thank Dona for the excellent job she has done by editing and proofreading my manuscript. I definitely recommend Sibia Proofreading to anyone for the quality of their work, the exceptional turnaround time, affordable services and effective customer service.”
Kofi Sonokpon, MBA,  Montreal, Canada 29-Jul-2009
“Marc and Joanna did a wonderful job on my essays! I was thoroughly pleased with how they were able to succinctly get my points across and create a better flow. I will definitely be coming back!”
Kyle,  Chicago, IL 30-Sep-2013
“I experienced rapid high quality editing! Surpassed my expectations.”
Liam  16-Jan-2013
“Thank you Joanna and Eric very much for your review. Very professional and prompt!”
Lilian Andrei  09-Aug-2010
“Thank you, David. I'm very pleased with the proofreading which has been done extremely thorough. I will definite use you again and will recommend you to all my colleagues. ”
Loa Clausen,   Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark 09-Aug-2016
“It was really FAST and made everything much better!”
Louie,  美国 21-Jun-2013
“I am truly satisfied with the work done by Sibia: on time, and their correctors show not only professionalism, [but also] a nice way [of communicating their] ideas.”
Luis Vidal,  venbiomedi.org 15-Jun-2015
“I would like to thank all the editors that worked closely with me during the spring 2010 semester. Sibia Proofreading editors are second to none. Thanks.”
Lyn C, PA  29-Jun-2010
“Thank you so much for your help in getting my manuscripts ready for submission to scientific journals. You are realiable, dependable, and, simply, very good. My papers are better received since you edit and proof read them, and I am learning how to write better in the process. I owe you!!!”
Malgorzata Pozor,  University of Florida 03-Aug-2015
“David was a pleasure to work with. He provided me with a clean, error free dissertation in a timely manner. I will definitely recommend Sibia Proofreading to all of my doctoral candidate friends. Thank you.”
Marcia Baker, RN, MSN, DHA(c),  University of Phoenix 07-Apr-2010
“Thank you so much for the excellent editing and proofreading expertise. I highly recommend your services.”
Student  20-Aug-2011
“You did a brilliant job of editing my novel synopsis! Just a few recommended changes here and there and now it reads fabulously. Thank you.”
Marlene Body,  Author 03-Sep-2010
“I am very happy with your work so far and would be happy to recommend your services to anyone. I am delighted with the helpful comments included in all edited documents. It's good to know that our documents are handled by Sibia Proofreading with the same care as by ourselves.”
Martin Gaik, Head of Web Development  Web Design Ireland 24-Apr-2009
“I was impressed with the time that it took the editors to review the manuscript that I submitted. I definitely recommend Sibia and will be coming back in the future for more help with writing.”
Martine  08-Oct-2014
“I had my disseration proposal edited by Sibia. Because of the document's length, Sibia was able to provide a price lower than the published prices, and they returned the paper a full day earlier than promised. The revisions and comments were very helpful and accurate. I have recommended Sibia to my classmates, and I will use them again.”
Mary  05-Nov-2012
“Great job: Very thorough editing and a lot of helpful comments!”
Matthias Mahlendorf  04-Dec-2010
“Sibia Proofreading provides outstanding proofread and review services! Fast, reliable and fair price. I do recommend for everyone!”
Mauricio Brunetto  19-Apr-2012
“Very helpful edits, informatory comments and well within the deadline!”
Max von der Planitz  01-Dec-2010
“At first I wasn't sure whether to use Sibia Proofreading or not, but my editor really helped me get the spark I wanted in my college admissions essay. Now I'm positive I will stand out among the thousands of applicants that I'm competing with. I will definitely use Sibia Proofreading again. Thanks so much!!”
Melissa B  07-Dec-2008
“When first I submitted my document to SibiaProofreading.com, I was not sure if they could work on it properly and efficiently because the subject of my document was unfamiliar as well as complex to many. However, Erick Widman thankfully passed my document to Ms. Jane Hood who did a wonderful work on it. I am grateful for her brilliant and meticulous proofreading. Thanks Jane, and Thanks Erick.”
MH,  Bahrain 05-May-2009
“The best! I was very pleased and impressed with the service I got. Thank you for the excellent editing/proofreading and I look forward to coming back in the future!”
Michael  23-Jul-2012
“Thank you for the great service and quick response.”
Michael C,  Law Student 22-Jan-2009
“I have been using Sibia for several months now with assistance on editing and proofreading for work-related documents and articles for publishing. I get valuable feedback and the results always exceed my expectations. I would recommend Sibia to all professionals regardless of their occupations.”
Michael Schlosser,  University of Illinois Police Training Institute 18-Mar-2013
“I can only thank Sibia for their excellent service and recommend them to everybody looking for a professional proofreading of their manuscripts. As a non-native speaker, I had my dissertation proofread and edited by Chris. All in all, he has done an amazing job. Ranging from minor (punctuation) to larger (rephrasing of sentences) changes, his immense amount of suggestions (about 10 per page on average) have improved both the quality and readability of my thesis, while preserving my style of writing and better conveying its message. What more could one expect?”
Michael Stoffel  25-Jul-2013
“Wonderful writing skill and excellent recommendation. I will choose this company to edit my document in the future. ”
Mike Yuan,  United States 16-Feb-2011
“I am very satisfied with my proofreader's work. The work was done scrupulously and on time.”
Mo Li  12-Sep-2011
“First of all, thanks for the great job. We sent different papers to many other proofreading companies, but you are more accurate and more profesional. Your prices are fine. We thank you for the degree of clarity and the choice of the words. Wishing you success.”
Mohamed Bencherif,  King Saud University 25-May-2015
“I would like to show my great appreciation for the proofreading I received. The editor showed great concern to my paper and was even giving me advice regarding how to represent my ideas. Thank you very much.”
Mohamed Mannaa  19-Sep-2012
“Thank you very much, Eric. Amazing service is all I can say. I like their editing. Now I'm so confident with my paper.”
Mohammed Alharbi   04-Oct-2010
“I have tried other websites for the very same essay. Sibia Proofreading was the best by far. Thanks for the impressive work.”
Molham G.,  Saudi Arabia 13-Apr-2009
“I would like to express my endless thanks to your professionalism. Joanna did a great job; she picked up many mistakes that I did not even notice. It was a very complicated chapter and she made it readable and very clear and free of mistakes. Definitely, I will deal with you again and again. :) Many thanks!”
Mona  30-Sep-2014
“The prompt reply I received from Sibia and Marc was amazing. To my great surprise and happiness, it was less than 24 hours (as guaranteed) and very thorough. Marc was very kind to answer my questions immediately. Thank you Sibia and Marc, for your helpful work.”
Moran  05-Nov-2014
“Really fast, competent and competitively priced services. We use Sibia all the time.”
Morten Skrubbeltrang,  Skrubbeltrang & Platz ApS 30-Jan-2013
“Fast and efficient review.”
Muhammad Mu'izzuddin,  International Islamic University Malaysia 28-Nov-2016
“I would like to express my endless thanks for your professionalism and service. I am very satisfied with the corrections that you made. I made some mistakes that I would never have realised without your help. Now the paper is worth submitting to the Journal. Definitely, I will submit my other chapters to you soon. Thanks again.”
Muna  11-Mar-2014
“Marc edited my personal statement as part of my cardiology fellowship application and it now looks superb! I would definitely recommend him to anyone”
Nasrien  12-Oct-2012
“Great service. Fast and accurate. Thank you Joanna, I got High Distinction on my last assignment. From now, I will submit all my assignment to this great proofreading service.”
Nasser, University of Sydney Masters Student  16-May-2010
“The feedback received on my essay was very thorough not to mention the prompt service. My editor made some excellent suggestions and as a result, I would recommend this service to anyone! Many thanks!”
Necola  19-Jul-2013
“Great and swift.”
NoéMie Schwaller  30-Dec-2010
“I am very satisfied with Marc's speedy response and the detailed feedback.”
Norbert  03-Mar-2014
“This is the first time that I have used your editing service. I am very pleased with your service. Especially I want to thank Dona Le and Joanna Wilson because they helped me to get the edited document on time.”
Önder Büberkökü   21-Mar-2013
“Sometimes you should write lots of things but sometimes only one sentence is enough: Thank you!!!”
Önder Büberkökü  16-Jun-2015
“Many thanks for a first class editing service. I look forward to working with you again.”
Ozge Ozutemiz Sanli,  PhD Student University of Sydney 29-Mar-2009
“Thank you very much for your kind words and for your prompt hard work! I really appreciate it.”
Pascal Clarysse,  Screenwriter 09-Apr-2009
“Thanks! This was exactly what I was looking for. My undergraduate degree was in English. I am by nature quite critical with my own writing and would trust few people to review a personal statement applying to a surgery fellowship. Sibia Proofreading exceeded my expectations.”
Paul Fredette M.D.  12-Nov-2008
“I was very pleased with Sibia Proofreading. It was exactly what I was looking for - fast and high quality. Thank you”
Pavol P,  Brno, Czech Republic 08-May-2009
“Thank you Erick. You did tremendous great job on correcting my Chinese kind of English.
And your note is very encouraging. Looking forward to have more work with you.”
Peiyen P,  Graduate Student 17-Dec-2008
“Please acknowledge my sincere appreciation for the editing of our research. Your work is high standard and with a great quality.
I am looking forward to send you another article for your modification.

Professor Jamal Al Wakeel,  President of Saudi Society of Nephrology 15-Dec-2008
“I was really pressed for time to get my work edited and I am very happy that I chose Sibia Proofreading. I got my work edited by Jane and she has done a wonderful job at a very short period of time!! I would recommend Sibia Proofreading to any one!”
Raj G.,  Master's Student, UK 10-Apr-2009
“The review for my paper was really great and useful for me. I look forward to working with you again. Thank you.”
Rami  03-Jan-2011
“Very good and accurate service provided. 97% of comments accepted, only 3% of changes rejected due to other project specific requirements unknown to the author. Very happy to use this service again.”
Rashmi Ampadu-Sam  , Philippines 02-Sep-2014
“Best service ever! - Fast service - Quality review - Fair prices.”
Rex Moeller  02-Oct-2014
“High quality each time!”
Rex Møller  15-Dec-2014
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