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“I can only thank Sibia for their excellent service and recommend them to everybody looking for a professional proofreading of their manuscripts. As a non-native speaker, I had my dissertation proofread and edited by Chris. All in all, he has done an amazing job. Ranging from minor (punctuation) to larger (rephrasing of sentences) changes, his immense amount of suggestions (about 10 per page on average) have improved both the quality and readability of my thesis, while preserving my style of writing and better conveying its message. What more could one expect?”
Michael Stoffel  25-Jul-2013

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Troubleshooting track changes, comments and redlines

Sibia Proofreading editors use the track changes feature built into Microsoft Word when reviewing your documents. If you're not yet familiar with this feature, the information below will help you clean up your document after you've reviewed your editors' changes and suggestions.

The Reviewing toolbar
Turn on the Reviewing toolbar to accept or reject changes, see or hide comments, and to turn track changes off or on with a single button:

After you've turned on the toolbar, you should be seeing this:

To accept changes in your document, select the redlined text in your document and click on the Accept Change button. If you click on the arrow to the right of the icon, the drop down menu will also give you the option to accept all changes at once.

To reject a change in your document, select the redlined text in your document and click on the Reject Change button. The drop-down menu of the button will also give you the option to delete all the comments your Tutor inserted into the document.

If you want to make changes to the document, be sure to turn the Track Changes button off:

You may also right-click on any redlined text to accept the changes:

How can I make sure no one else sees the mark-ups?
You need to accept or reject each of the changes and delete all the comments before you email your file to someone. To do that, you can just click on the Accept Change button on the Reviewing toolbar and choose the Accept All Changes in Document option. Then click on the Reject Change button, and delete all the comments. Then save the file. To be on the safe side, you may set an alert in Microsoft Word to let you know if you left any mark-ups in your document. Click on Tools, then Options, and select the Security tab. Check the appropriate box under Privacy Options:

What can you do if you don't see the comments in the same format we showed it on our Samples pages?
To see comments in a balloon on the side of the page, click on Tools, then Options, and select the Track Changes tab. Select Always from the options under Balloons:

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