In business since 2009, Sibia Proofreading carefully selects talented and experienced editing professionals who have graduated from top-tier universities such as Harvard University.  We’re all Native English speakers and we’re all experts at improving and perfecting documents of all types. And just as importantly, we are passionate about offering a comprehensive editing service that gives you useful tips and tools to become a better writer.



Founder of Sibia Proofreading, Dona graduated from Harvard College with a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in German Languages & Literatures and Music. She continued her studies at Trinity College Dublin, where she earned a Master of Philosophy in Literature. Dona is a writer and editor who lives in Los Angeles.

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David has many years' experience as an editor for individuals and teams in both the sciences and humanities and at Fortune 500 corporations, other businesses, and nonprofit organizations. His exceptional attention to detail, honed through his other career as a professional orchestral musician, has saved his many and repeat clients much time and embarrassment by relegating errors to the dustbin of revision. David has a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard College and a Master of Music in bassoon performance from Rice University.

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Joanna has a PhD in English from the University of Leicester, and has held a postdoctoral position at the University of Oxford. Her background is in both the arts and humanities and the social sciences, and she received her MA and MSc from University College London before obtaining a teaching qualification from the University of Oxford. She has extensive experience proofreading, including at the Office of Fair Trading in London, and having been educated in both the United Kingdom and the United States, she is familiar with the intricate differences that exist in the English language.

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Marc is a senior academic editor with over 10 years of experience working across a range of fields, notably business, economics, and statistics. He thrives on the unique challenge of making the true meaning of every document he receives shine through in the clearest and most concise manner. Marc is extremely thorough, never misses a deadline, and prides himself on delivering consistent, readable, and logically flowing revisions. He holds a BA in business management and finance, and he also spent time working as a subeditor on a busy news desk before beginning his academic editing career.