About Editing & Proofreading

What is the difference between proofreading and editing?

Proofreading ensures that your text is devoid of any “technical” errors, i.e., grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors and that your document conforms to the required formatting style (e.g., MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).

Editing, however, is a subtler art that requires awareness of context, subject matter, author intention, and readership.

Editing takes you from a B+ paper to an A paper, from a perfunctory thanks to outstanding recognition from your boss, because it sharpens your argument; streamlines your document’s flow, readability, and transitions; and ensures that you are conveying yourself to readers in a compelling and concise manner.

Why does Sibia Proofreading offer only one service that combines both editing and proofreading?

Proofreading goes hand in hand with editing, and our editors offer helpful comments aimed to improve the flow, structure, logic, and readability of your document, not just to correct the spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors. We believe in enabling our clients to submit the best-quality writing to their professors, peers, colleagues, journal review boards, editors, or whomever the intended readership may be.

I have a grammar and spell checker on my word processor, so why would I need Sibia Proofreading?

Your computer checker won’t point out that you’ve switched between “health care” and “healthcare” in your policy paper. It may, however, suggest a very convoluted restructuring of your sentence to adhere to a black-and-white grammar rule. You need Sibia Proofreading because our editors are:

  • native English speakers who can differentiate between correct but “outdated” grammatical rules and colloquially accepted exceptions to those rules

  • subject matter experts who can highlight content-based weaknesses and strengths in your document

  • real, live people who can infer your intended meaning and help you rephrase sentences to clarify your point

If I’m a student, am I allowed to use this service or could it be considered plagiarism?

As long as your document is your original work, with information and direct quotations from other sources correctly cited and attributed, then you are absolutely allowed to seek editing assistance from a third-party resource. It’s the same as going to your university’s writing center or tutoring service.

Do you offer writing services?

No. Sibia Proofreading is not a writing service, and our editors do not write/add original content. We thoroughly edit and proofread the text that you submit to us. Please note that if your document has been plagiarized from an uncited source, we have the discretion to return the document to you unedited.

What sets Sibia Proofreading apart from the other online editing and proofreading companies out there?

The Sibia Proofreading team is comprised of world-class editors who have been educated at top-tier universities and Ivy League schools. More importantly, our approach to editing and proofreading is distinctive.

First, we provide a rapid and reliable proofreading service that does not sacrifice quality for speed; every document, regardless of length or turnaround time, is treated with the same level of precision, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness.

Second, we are flexible enough to take into account your specific document’s English type, formatting style, subject matter, and more. Just tell us what you’ve written, what it’s for, and what you need!

Third, and most importantly, Sibia editors are keenly aware of the importance of context. Editing does not occur in a vacuum, and our editors do not blindly follow The Elements of Style and only correct grammatical or spelling errors. Instead, our editors consider the broader context of your document (Is it for academia or business? Will it be read by journal editors or by a client? Is it a PhD dissertation or a short reading assignment?) to make sure that the style, tone, and language of your document are appropriate for your intended readership.

The goal of good writing is to be clear, compelling, and concise; Sibia Proofreading’s goal is to get you there.

About Sibia Editors

Who will proofread my document?

Sibia Proofreading employs a well-curated, qualified team of expert editors who have demonstrated their proficiency and passion for editing. Check out testimonials from other writers who have turned to Sibia Proofreading for assistance and found just what they needed.

Are your editors native English speakers?

Guaranteed. In addition to receiving their post-secondary education at the world’s best universities, including Oxford and Harvard, our editors are all Native English speakers.

How much experience do your editors have?

Collectively, our editors have 35+ years of experience in editing and proofreading. We don’t just have grammar expertise--our editors understand the stylistic nuances that differentiate an ordinary, error-free document from an excellent, logical, and compelling argument.

About Your Document

What types of documents do you accept?

All types! Students often send us midterm papers, theses, dissertations, research and journal articles, etc., whereas businesspeople may send in corporate agreements, proposals, reports, and memos. We also accept creative writing submissions (short fiction, YA fiction, literary fiction, screenplays) and nonfiction manuscripts (autobiographies, travel guides).

What types of file formats do you accept?

You can send us your document as a Word .doc/.docx file, a PDF, a PowerPoint presentation, or LaTeX file.

What styles can you edit in?

You let us know the style or formatting standards (if specific to a journal, for example) of your document, and your editor will ensure that it meets those standards. Most documents we receive are in APA, MLA, CSE, Chicago, Harvard, or Turabian style, and our editors are well versed in all of them.

My document pertains to a highly specialized topic. Can you still edit it?

Of course! The Sibia editing team consists of professionals who have studied and/or worked in a broad range of fields, from English and Neurobiology, Music Theory and Political Science, to Corporate Law, Financial Modeling, and Health Care.

Can you edit documents in any language?

Sibia Proofreading only offers editing services for documents written in English (US, UK, Canadian, or Australian).

Can I submit a large document (e.g., a PhD dissertation)?

Absolutely! Our editors have handled numerous graduate-level theses, dissertations, book manuscripts, and other long documents in a broad range of subject matters. And you don’t have to worry about dividing your long document into smaller portions. You can send the whole manuscript and have it proofread by the same Sibia editor for consistency and awareness of context.

About the Turnaround Time

When will I receive my document?

If you choose Standard Delivery, within three days or more, depending on the length (word count) of your document. View our Turnaround Time chart for the page count / turnaround time breakdown.

What if I need a rush job in order to meet my deadline?

You can opt to select Accelerated Delivery and receive your document in 24+ hours, depending on the length (word count) of your document. View our Turnaround Time chart for the page count / turnaround time breakdown.

When do Sibia Proofreading editors accept documents?

24/7! Our editors, based around the world, are available at any time on any day of the week. You can submit your document to us and rest assured that we will calculate the deadline in calendar days, not business days.

About the Submission Process

How do I submit my document?

That’s the easiest part! Simply tally up your word count, click here, and follow the quick and easy steps to send your document to a Sibia editor.

How do I calculate the word count of my document?

Go to your menu bar, find the “Tools” tab, and scroll down to “Word Count.” Be sure you take into account all text that you want edited and proofread, including, for example, footnotes, endnotes, and references.

How will I receive my document?

Once your editor has finished proofreading and revising your document, you will receive an email from Sibia Proofreading indicating that your redline document is ready to be picked up.

What is a redline document, and how do I use the Track Changes function?

A redline document is what you will receive from your editor, in which his/her suggested edits will be indicated in red and comments will appear in boxes in the margins of the text. Using the Word “Track Changes” function, you can choose to accept/reject each separate edit and delete the comments after you have read them.

If my document is a PDF, how do you track changes?

We use the Adobe notes and comments tools to track changes for PDF files.

What if I have issues with my editor’s work?

We guarantee your satisfaction with Sibia Proofreading's services. If you're not satisfied for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will resolve the issue immediately. 

About the Payment Process

Do you require advance payment?

Yes, you must submit payment at the same time that you send us your document.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit card and PayPal. We do not accept payment via check.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer volume discounts on a case-by-case basis if your document contains over 75,000 words.