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I was in a tight spot and needed help fast. In half the time promised, I had a thoroughly reviewed document that was ready for submission.
— Daniel Haugstvedt, NTNU
Extremely thorough, well-executed and timely. The suggestions were obviously from a professional and seasoned editor. Money well spent.
— Kathleen C., Author & Journalist
Amazing service. Fast, accurate, and very professional. Recommended as essential to all graduate students.
— Ali, New York University
Ranging from minor (punctuation) to larger (rephrasing of sentences) changes, my editor’s immense amount of suggestions (about 10 per page on average) have improved both the quality and readability of my thesis, while preserving my style of writing and better conveying its message.
— Michael Stoffel
I definitely recommend Sibia Proofreading for the quality of their work, exceptional turnaround time, affordable services and effective customer service.
— Kofi Sonokpon, MBA, Montreal, Canada
I get valuable feedback and the results always exceed my expectations. I would recommend Sibia to all professionals regardless of their occupations.
— Michael Schlosser, University of Illinois Police Training Institute
I am by nature quite critical with my own writing and would trust few people to review a personal statement applying to a surgery fellowship. Sibia Proofreading exceeded my expectations.
— Paul Fredette, MD
Now I can submit my document with the utmost confidence that it is grammatically correct. I am completely satisfied with the service and would recommend Sibia to anyone.
— Scott, General Contractor
I am pleased with the thorough process of editing not only for grammar and punctuation, but also for content and clarity. I have already recommended this company to other writers and will continue to do so. Great job!
— Richard Ashland
Really appreciate Sibia’s excellent work! I can clearly see how seriously the editor treated my writing. I have tried several proofreading services before, and Sibia is definitely the best one!
— Chunyuan Liao, PhD Student
Other services are not even close to the quality of Sibia. You have found a service to use for the long term with this company.
— Sloan Martin
I am delighted with the helpful comments included in all edited documents. It’s good to know that our documents are handled by Sibia Proofreading with [such] care.
— Martin Gaik, Head of Web Development